Light and Art Experience

Lights on Van Eyck is a unique light and sound experience and tribute to the Flemish Master Jan Van Eyck!

In 2020 - 2021, Ghent's St Nicholas' Church is the perfect location for those who love a unique mix of multimedia art, music and videomapping! A digital and musical interpretation of the Ghent Altarpiece and Van Eyck's oeuvre will give you almost half an hour of pure wonder!

Immersive experience

Projections on all walls and vaults. Van Eyck's oeuvre engulfs the church with beauty as high as the interior goes.

A digital interpretation of the Ghent Altarpiece, brought to you on four large dancing robotic arms. British artist Mat Collishaw truly brings the world's best-known triptych of the Flemish primitives to life.

Frequent live concerts complete the picture.

Lights on Van Eyck is a very accessible way to discover Van Eyck's impressive oeuvre. The essence of his technique is that he displays color and light very clearly. An astonishing discovery for 15th century humans: an audience that had never seen such a representation of the world. Due to the technology used, Lights on Van Eyck accentuates this bright light and its pure colors. As the medieval man did centuries ago, the audience will look at Van Eyck's work with the same amazement.

Prof. Dr. Jan Dumolyn

Van Eyck expert

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